By Natasja Eby

The Onepian Chronicles, #2: The RR5

 Romance / 119 views / Popular


Rahli is determined to have an adventure of his own. With his younger brother Cammer in tow, he sets off for Galindor.

Though he’s no stranger to beautiful women, Rahli wasn’t expecting to meet any on his journey. Especially not two sisters running away from some bad men who had held them captive. Now he has a choice to make—leave them behind or take them with him?

While Cammer and Sapphi form an almost instant bond, Rahli and Jani butt heads at every turn. But as the story behind the women’s enslavement and escape deepens, Jani and Rahli find themselves drawing closer together.

With his heart on the line, Rahli now faces an even tougher decision—end the tyranny of a belligerent trafficker or stay out of harm’s way. And what will become of Jani if he fails?

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