By Elisabeth Grace Foley

The Mrs. Meade Mysteries #3: The Oldest Flame

 Mystery / 231 views / Popular


The fire wasn’t an accident. Mrs. Meade hopes it wasn’t what the sheriff thinks it is.

It was supposed to be a pleasant visit with old friends. But it turns to terror when a fire destroys the Lansburys’ house during the night, and one of their guests is killed.

Even worse, the fire appears to have been deliberately set. Which of the people who were in the house that night is responsible?

There are several possibilities, and Mrs. Meade is not sure which is the most distressing…

If you’re a fan of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple and Anna Katharine Green’s Miss Amelia Butterworth, you’ll love this quick trip back to the mountain West of the Edwardian era, with a shrewd lady sleuth to apply her wits to its puzzles.

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