The Midsummer Captives


 Fantasy / 258 views


A sorcerer’s fortress. A lost heir. A determined princess.

Gwen, second of the twelve princesses of Ituria, has given up on happy endings. After a neighboring kingdom’s heir stole her heart and then disappeared four years ago, she buried her heartache and vowed to serve her sisters. Her most recent mission: to arrange a match with her sister Hazel and the lost heir’s youngest brother.

When her traveling party is ambushed, her flight from danger leads her into the path of a blindfolded man with a familiar smile. Imprisoned with him deep in the forest, Gwen and her fellow captives are at the mercy of a treacherous beauty on a mission of her own. Contending with her schemes—and a love potion gone awry—they must find a way past enchanted stone guardians, who are capable of crushing not only their bodies but also their dreams.

Fantasy, romance, and adventure combine in the fairy tale-inspired Firethorn Chronicles, an interconnected series of stand-alone novels drawn from The Twelve Dancing Princesses and other tales. Follow the sisters on their journeys in a land where sorcery is feared and dragons fly.

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