By Jes Drew

The Ghost of You

 Science Fiction / 277 views / Popular

Her redemption is keeping her child safe.
His is to bring them in.
Will they choose vengeance . . . or a second chance?
I never have called myself a saint. Sure, I never meant to get so sucked into the life of death and deceit that I chose, but there’s no denying what I did. I’d be the first to say I’m irredeemable. But he saw something different in me. I don’t know what, but he believed in it. Believed in me. Until he died by the hands of a woman disguised as me.

Fleeing from my old handler, I’m never going back to that life of servitude. But before I can close the door on my days as an assassin, there’s just one more kill I need to accomplish. Hers. I’ll make her pay for what she took from me. There are only two complications. One, I’m artificially impregnated with the child of the man I loved and lost. And two, my old recruit is on the hunt for me to get some revenge of his own.

But after everything I’ve been through, everything I’ve done, I know nothing can stop me now. Not even a skeleton in my closet or a ghost from my past.

Perfect for fans of cat and mouse spy games, female bounty hunters, and single mothers who will do whatever it takes to protect the child that everyone wants . . . and for anyone who wants a cleaner Stephanie Plum.

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