By Jes Drew

The First First Gentleman

 Romance / 149 views / Popular


He’s keeping his triple life a secret.
Even from the woman he loves.
His best friend turned wife
I have been called many things in my life. Nerd. Son. Friend. Master Spy. Mr. Blue. Secret Secret Serviceman. But the title I’m most proud of is that I’m the first First Gentleman. Because that means I’m Arizona’s husband.

Arizona, my best friend for twenty years who has a crush on my wrong identity. And who’s mad at the identity she knows best. So mad that she’s keeping secrets. Almost as big of secrets as the ones I keep from her.

But I have good reason for those secrets. Because her life is once again in the balance. This time, though, it’s up to me to appease the Committee. By convincing the esteemed White House guest and crown prince to join their ranks.

Somehow, I have to keep everything straight as I have to figure out how to recruit him, woo back my wife, and keep tabs on all my henchmen. It’s no wonder, really, that I’m hearing voices . . .

Political drama, romantic suspense, and action adventure intersect in this series perfect for fans of Rick Barry and Andrew Huff.

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He’s assigned to get close to her. She’s an unwitting pawn. When a notorious human trafficker is set free on a technicality, undercover agent Noah

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