By Austin Ryan

The Christmas Marriage Plot

 Christmas / 340 views / Popular


A cute, short novella about childhood best friends falling in love, a fake wedding, and plenty of Norwegian Christmas foods and traditions.

Ragnhild Eilertsen’s plans fail more often than not, but when she falls head over heels for a coworker at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church, she makes yet another: A fake wedding to turn his head.

As long as Thorleif Vaage can remember, Ragnhild has been by his side, and he can’t imagine the rest of his life any other way. That she sees him as only a friend is made all the more obvious when she talks him into being her fake groom.

As Christmas Day grows closer, Ragnhild pours her heart and soul into her plan, certain she can win the heart of the man she loves.

Except, that man might not be exactly who Ragnhild thought it was.

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