By R. A. Cooper

The Brimstone Archives, #1: Fire Whispers Among the Shadows

 Fantasy / 147 views / Popular


The only human…needed to be saved.

And now she had the power to do it.

Aiesha desires a life of peace with her beloved fellow creatures. But the race is on when enemies seek the one item that she needs to save the human.

As the dark presence from portals beyond the lands starts to consume lives, including those most dear to her, Aiesha’s destiny as Guardian leaves her fighting for far more than she thought possible. She discovers that she has powers never before imagined—powers that may be the key to saving the lands, as well as her lifelong best friend.

But will it be enough? Can Aiesha realize her true destiny and defeat the evil that has invaded their lands? Or will her friends perish in the darkness?

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