By A. L. Buehrer

The Boy Who Called the Foxes

 Contemporary / 156 views / Popular


Cadence Kim has left Chicago for good. College was futile, his career is going nowhere, and he’s forgotten why he came. Now all he wants is a chance to return home to his family outside Echo Lake. But it’s easy to spot a failure in a small town and he can’t avoid his old friends forever.

He’s unsure of where he wants to go from here, but he knows he doesn’t want to take his father’s place in the musical trio his sisters insist on resurrecting for a comeback. The Kim family is full of missed opportunities and wasted potential, and his father is dead. Cadence isn’t ready to face the memories and the questions. He needs time to breathe.

As autumn deepens in the woods where he grew up, Cadence wants nothing more than to retreat into it and forget his life’s grief and disappointments. But he’s returned only to find every tree and every birdsong is haunted by the ghosts of his childhood dreams. There was a story about something that happened there when he was too young to remember.

Something about foxes….

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