By Valerie Howard

Strong Verbs for Fiction Writers

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Do you need strong verbs?

Of course you do!

This handy little reference booklet contains a list of 1,000 strong verbs to help you replace the weaker verbs in your fiction writing as you self-edit your work. Simply look up the weak verb you’d like to replace and choose a stronger verb from the alphabetized lists.

Weak: Sally walked across the room.
Strong: Sally scurried across the room.

Weak: Harry lightly touched the edge of the book.
Strong: Harry trailed his fingers along the edge of the book.

Weak: Karen ran as quickly as she could to her closet.
Strong: Karen charged her closet in a panic.

Weak: Lucy hit her palm on the desk.
Strong: Lucy smacked her palm on the desk.

Are you ready to weed out the weak verbs in your writing? Grab the book now, and get started!



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