By Anne Perreault

Skating For Grace

 Contemporary / 201 views / Popular


Jacqueline Chevalier has it all. She is one of those girls you see in a magazine and wish you were her. She has everything a sixteen-year-old girl would want. She is an international figure skater at the top of her game. She lives a dream. Her family has riches and power. With that status, Jacqueline is expected to look the part, play the part, and be the part for family and country. But something is missing in her life that fame, fortune, and power can’t provide. She feels lonely, unloved, and out of place in her family’s picture-perfect image. She is frustrated about her parents’ refusal to allow her to pursue her dream, once her skating career is finished. When she makes the acquaintance of a set of twins, Grace and Brian Spencer, Jacqueline discovers that they have what is missing in her life.

However, is she looking for answers in the wrong place?

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