By Lydia MacClaren

Seven Lives Saved

 Fantasy / 243 views / Popular


Kathka is dead.

Once a powerful king, he is now a soul cursed to remain tethered for eternity to the Wise One, his murderer and the only god left in the world. But the god offers him a deal.

If he saves seven lives, the god will grant him a second life. Kathka accepts the deal, willing to do whatever necessary to obtain a new life and accomplish what he could not in his first – kill the Wise One.

However, the world he returns to has changed. A new empire reigns, presided over by the religious cult of the Bu Chak that searches for those cursed by the gods, including Kathka.

Surrounded by new technology and a culture he does not understand, Kathka flees for his own life while seeking the seven he is tasked to save. As the world continues to crumble, Kathka cannot ignore the rising doubt that he may not be able to save even one.

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