Second Chances


 Contemporary / 193 views


Plagued by self-doubt perpetuated by an overbearing father, and locked into a marriage where every conversation leads to a dispute about money, Kate Wilson struggles to keep up appearances with her friends and family so no one suspects her perfect life is a lie. But when her estranged father asks Kate’s family to participate in a magazine interview with him, she can’t pass up her last opportunity to try to make him proud of what she’s made of her life since dropping out of law school. Can Kate get her husband and children ready before Daddy comes to town? Or will her unruly family ruin the only chance she’ll ever have to prove she’s worthy of her father’s love?

Claire Wilson feels like a freak. Fifteen years old and over six feet tall, she towers over most of the boys in her class. Desperate to find acceptance as a brand-new freshman, Claire jumps at the unique chance to make fast friends with the school’s most powerful and popular student. But when she gets in over her head at a college party, Claire needs to escape before she regrets her poor choices for the rest of her life.

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