By A.C. Williams

The Misadventures of Trisha Lee, #2: Saving Sparrows

 Romance / 326 views / Popular


I’m Trisha Leigh Lee, a 34-year-old church secretary and leader of my Baptist church’s singles group. I’m finally navigating the rocky-but-totally-worth-it path of a first-time relationship with my childhood love, Aaron.

Naturally, on a Tuesday night I’m helping a feisty old lady out of a grocery store dumpster. When Marta’s rescue ends in a plea to reunite with her granddaughter, Avecita, I know I’ve gotta help her.

I just don’t expect to find Avecita in a gang—and a valuable commodity in the gang’s local prostitution ring. Oh, and she’s pregnant, and the gang is already claiming the unborn child (over my dead body).

I’ve gotta help Avecita but the stakes are higher. This time I’m asking Aaron to get involved, too, and I’m not sure our newly minted relationship can handle the strain.

Now I have to survive retirement communities, Paisley-wearing gang members, carb-counting church volunteers, and–God forbid—a broken heart.

Buy now and enjoy a madcap, rock-the-church journey + mystery that pulls no punches (and features a sweet side of romance). Perfect for fans of Stephanie Plum looking for a cleaner read with plenty of sass.

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