By Valerie Howard

Saving Faith

 Contemporary / 165 views / Popular

How many promises will she break?

Jess is trying put a painful past behind her and finally secure her college degree.

But when a greedy man buys her entire block and threatens to evict all the tenants, including her and her uncle, she knows she has to do something drastic to save her home…

and the church property that holds her parents’ graves.

Being filthy rich has its perks.

But Axel still hates running his father’s large development firm.

Drowning his sorrows in alcohol, parties, and pretty faces, Axel is too self-absorbed to admit his life is spiraling out of control, even after a recorded display of his violent temper goes viral.

Jess applies to work for Axel to get close to her enemy, but she soon realizes her new boss is hurting almost as much as she is. Days before the mass eviction takes place, Jess must make a difficult decision to avoid becoming the monster she set out to destroy.

Fans of Karen Kingsbury will enjoy the realistic characters and faith-driven novels by Valerie Howard. 


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