By Amy Klaus

Royals of Andorvia #1: Hearts Unshackled

 Romance / 361 views / Popular


A princess. An outcast. A fate worse than death.
Will their love survive, or will they be torn apart before it ever has a chance?

Princess Katherine has never questioned her duty as the heir to the throne of Maledonia. Never, that is, until she meets Naithan, one of the Vaelian outcasts who live outside the city walls. Within a week, her entire life is thrown into disarray – blissful, dangerous disarray. But in spite of her attraction to Naithan and his simple lifestyle, as the Crown Princess, betrothed since childhood, bound by her duty, she will never be free to love.

Duty takes on an entirely new meaning for Katherine and Naithan when a fledgling slave trade threatens to divide and destroy Maledonia … and their families. Will they have the courage to risk everything they love to save innocent lives from a fate worse than death? Or will they become the slavers’ next targets?

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