By Austin Ryan

Pirate's Treasure

 Romance / 185 views / Popular


Falling in love with heroes emerging from books was supposed to be the safe choice.

The Coast of New England, 1725:

Captain Charles Seewell and his crew of pirates have just battled a storm on the open ocean.

New England, 2019:

Librarian Treasure Hayden has just escaped to the basement floor to avoid an emotional battle with her ex.

They are 304 years apart, until a magical leather-bound book transports the sea captain from his ship to the library basement.

Can Charles find the lost magical book and return to his crew?

Can Tress help him without risking the heart she’s painstakingly protected for years?

And what happens when they find the mysterious book and are both thrown back into the past?

Can they overcome their fears and choose love, or will the book that brought them together tear them apart—this time forever?

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