By Sarah Beran

Order of the Fountain #2: Princess of the Beans

 Fantasy / 258 views / Popular

When Jack and the Beanstalk meets Rapunzel…

Jack is impulsive. As a member of the Order of the Fountain–a network of information and intelligence gatherers charged with protecting Montaigne–that usually means he’s quick to think on his feet and adapt to his situation. But when the youngest princess of Provensaal is kidnapped from her father’s ship by a crew of pirates, Jack’s impulsive nature leads him to be presumed dead and far from home. With a couple of “magic” beans as his only lead to go on, he soon finds out that there is much more to the princess’ disappearance than previously thought.

Rapunzel is a planner, and having her ship attacked by pirates and finding herself locked away in a tower in the middle of the forest was definitely not a part of her plan. Neither was tending to a garden full of beans for the famed pirate captain Lesard. When Jack shows up and climbs through her tower window, she jumps at the chance to plan her escape.

As Jack and Rapunzel learn more about the beanstalks, they discover that Lesard has something planned that could possibly threaten both of their countries. But when Jack is betrayed, it will take both careful planning and quick thinking to keep the magic beans from ending up in the wrong hands.

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