By Sarah Beran

Order of the Fountain #1: Second Star to the Right

 Fantasy / 341 views / Popular

The prince of Norland is missing.

Orphaned twice over, Pan has spent his life under the control of the cunning and ruthless pirate captain, Lesard. Though desperate to both retain his morality and gain his freedom, he lives in constant fear of the consequences his choices could have on Smee, the only friend he has. When the enigmatic Hook joins Lesard’s crew and hatches a plot to help the captain break into the royal vault in Montaigne, Pan is offered his chance: if he helps Lesard gain entry to the vault, he and Smee will be allowed to leave the pirate life behind. If he is discovered, however, he could face a life in prison and for Smee the consequences would be far worse.

Melanie Charmant, the princess of Montaigne, has followed the search for the missing prince of Norland–the Lost Boy–for as long as she can remember. With the aid of the Order of the Fountain, she discovers that not only does Lesard hold the key to the prince’s disappearance, the nefarious pirate is also plotting to get his hands on the secret of Neverland–a spring of water that, according to legends, can bestow healing and perhaps even eternal youth. All Pan wants to do is finish his mission and so he and Smee can start over. All Melanie wants is to see the prince safely home and Neverland untouched. As their paths cross, will they find a way to trust each other with their secrets and protect Neverland from Lesard? Or is the gap between a pirate and a princess too great?

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