Operation Paradise Lost


 Science Fiction / 196 views


And Eden were no Eden thus exposed…

He found himself only to be stolen again. This time, though, it is not Kristian’s mind that is lost, but his soul. Suddenly without a conscience, the man formerly known as Kristian Clark has only goal: to make sure that no other being controls him again despite his weakened state. Whatever that means, and whatever it takes.

She found a reason to live only to lose it again. Her goal to find the lost children remains unchanged- and the Aisling’s need to remain focused on that end only strengthens. But with a new sociopath dead-set on the same mission, she finds the heart she thought died breaking in all new ways. Aisling knows one thing for sure, though: she will redeem what she lost. If that means sacrificing an innocent life, then heaven help them all.

Together with their motley allies, including Kristian’s un-fallen Alternate, a fellow sociopath, and the men who love her, they face the same impossible task. Fight against two enemy agencies to find twin innocent children and separate parallel worlds before the ashes of one burns the other.

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