By Victoria LK Williams

Now Arriving

 Christmas / 322 views / Popular


Sarah Skipton knew her granddaughters needed a drastic change in their lives, but would they be willing to accept her challenge?

To leave behind a successful career and home was a lot to ask of anyone. But Paige and Rebecca agreed to a short-term trial and headed for their childhood home of Skipton. There, they would take over the family business and Sarah’s dreams for the old train station.

Soon, the sisters find themselves embraced by the small town and caught up in the plans for Skipton Station’s future. They form new friendships as the women become more involved in local affairs-from the town’s Christmas plans to the blow that pulls them into a longstanding feud between two families.

“Now Arriving” is about more than a physical destination. To follow the path before them will mean accepting God’s plan for them. Follow as the sisters discover their true desires and arrive at their choices.

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