By A. L. Buehrer

Dronefall #4: Nightstare

 Science Fiction / 143 views / Popular


The man with a million eyes likes it like that.

In the wake of her violent encounter with the Baskerville Hound, Halcyon struggles to adjust. Her bionic eye has its advantages, but she can’t shake the suspicion that something strange is going on in the background of its workings. And she doesn’t sleep well at night.

She’s going to have to get out of her own head if the Enclave is going to address the fast-growing dangers in Three Point Five. The new drone-hive is operational, and restrictions are tightening on the Christian community to new extremes. And as pressure from outside intensifies, tension on the inside amps up. The question of how to confront the lurking oppression overhangs everything. And when it comes to fighting back, how far is too far?

Halcyon’s unexplained dreams turn out to be a bit more than they seem at first. Someone is trying to get at Three Point Five from the inside. Her all-seeing eye has made her a target. Now, she finds herself dangerously close to becoming what she fears the most—another roving camera.

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