By Jes Drew

New Teacher in Town

 Science Fiction / 86 views


Her redemption is keeping her child safe.
His is to bring them in.
Will they choose vengeance . . . or a second chance?
I have been called many things in my life. Seductress. Secretary of Inter-Dimensional Defense. Killer. Failure. Ebony Smith. But those titles are all dead, because I’m Ruby Jones, now. And Ruby is only one thing: an expecting mother.

With my last mission behind me, I can blend into small-town America and make a good life for my baby. Except, Milan has tracked me down and established himself in this town, too, as he seeks me out.

Which means I can’t make one wrong move. It also means that I’m at Elijah’s mercy to make my cover story flawless. And he doesn’t think my last mission was my last one, after all. In fact, he has a new job lined up for me that has nothing to do with my new teaching position. I have to track down a runaway priest.

A runaway priest who is convinced that my house is haunted. But that’s okay, because it’s haunted with Kristian’s ghost. And he’s my one comfort as I face the rest of my life, starting with the part where I’m the new teacher in town.

Perfect for fans of cat and mouse spy games, female bounty hunters, and single mothers who will do whatever it takes to protect the child that everyone wants . . . and for anyone who wants a cleaner Stephanie Plum.

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