By Jessica L. Elliott

Neighbors with the Nutcracker

 Christmas / 431 views / Popular


Jake Tipson has enough on his plate with family troubles, an aging dog, and the challenging new choreography to accommodate his dance partner, without dealing with neighbor issues as well. But as he gets to know the single mother who’s moved into the other half of the duplex, he begins to wonder if maybe his goals aren’t all he thought they were.

Rosario Garcia just wants to do her best for her infant daughter while also providing a home for the grandmother who raised her. The holiday season adds additional pressure to create all the special memories that make Christmas so magical. But filling the Christmas wish of her grandmother will require her to go to her handsome neighbor for assistance, and he’s made it clear he’s too busy for extra responsibilities.

Navigating Christmas through the challenges they face will either bring these neighbors together, or create a rift that no amount of good will can fill.

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