Missing You For Christmas


 Romance / 191 views


Tyler is lured in by both Naomi’s beauty and the nightmare that unfolds, but can Naomi give up her big-city ideals for the quiet life in Chandler County?

On the face of it, everything in Naomi’s life is going well: she is engaged to a multimillionaire and planning the perfect wedding. But she soon discovers her fiancé is not the gentle, caring man he was in the beginning.

After the news of her grandmother’s death, Naomi flees to Chandler County and discovers Tyler Hudson, her attractive, charming neighbour, who opens her eyes and heart to a perspective she never before considered.
With Christmas approaching, she is ready for all the festivities, but she isn’t ready for the nightmare that sweeps through her life.

Tyler’s hope to settle down and start a family are not going to plan—his family’s expectations are a hindrance to what he wants, and his ex-fiancée is not it. When Naomi Shaw turns up next door, he is intrigued, and she gives him a glimpse of what a life with her could mean, but circumstances take a sinister turn, making him question life and God’s promises.

*This release is a slightly edited version of Missing You For Christmas with a new bonus feature to the end of the story, to that which was included in; A Season of Suspense: A Chandler County Christmas.

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