Mayhem At St Matthew's


 Contemporary / 196 views

They are falling for each other. But not everyone is happy. Can love survive a crafty gang of romance exterminators?

Laura Sanders has finally found her happy place. After ditching her bossy sister’s pristine clinic, she’s started working at an aged care home where she can finally give the residents the time and care they deserve. And they love her.

When their doctor retires, no one knows what to expect. Certainly not his replacement, Dr Ronan King, who is not only good-looking, but also thoughtful, caring, and kind. Every woman in the place is smitten. Ronan notices Laura, and it isn’t long before all eyes are on every move they make.

But not everyone is thrilled with the idea of a blossoming romance. Laura’s popularity with the staff and residents already irks Betty; now she has to endure watching her rival snag the hot new doctor.

Meanwhile, Tom is sure that this new doctor is going to steal their beloved Miss Laura and take her away from them. He convinces several of the other residents to join him in stopping any romantic notions in their tracks. Against her better judgment, they persuade Betty to help them circumvent love and keep Miss Laura away from Dr Ronan. What could possibly go wrong?

Between a gang of wily old residents and a nurse with a grudge, does true love stand a chance? Can Ronan and Laura find a way through ambushes, grievances, and scheming old age?

This clean and sweet novella is Book 2 in the Medically Yours series.

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