Masquerading Our Love (A Stonehaven High Series Book 2)

 Romance / 46 views


Defy my parents or my heart?

Junior year of high school is tough.
But for me it’s a nightmare: A new school, trying to fit in, schoolwork, family commitments…
It’s so overwhelming I want a break, an adventure.
When Christopher Cooper saves me from a riptide, I can’t believe my luck.
He’s smart, so sweet, and he’s absolutely gorgeous.
He’s like no other boy I know.
Christopher rocks my world so much that I think my life is changed for the better.

Don’t bet on it.

Turns out we’ve stepped into a simmering feud, which has kept our families apart for a decade.
And I’m not sure if we’ll be able to bridge this divide.
As we hide our relationship behind masks I must decide if our young love is worth losing my parents’ approval…or not.