By Ginny Sterling

Mail Order Magic

 Romance / 338 views / Popular


Magic is what you make of it…

Ezra Booth couldn’t handle much more. Watching his family die from cholera was more than he could bear, haunting his worst nightmares. To think he was now responsible for another life was almost too much until his bride claimed she wanted nothing to do with him. Having another presence around could at least keep him from feeling so lost and alone during Christmastime… wouldn’t it?

Elizabeth Barren jumped at the chance to run away from everything she once knew. She never expected to be a widow, nor to live up to her surname. She’d always wanted children, and it tore at her soul to realize she would never be a mother. When her new husband shuns her, putting her in another room and hiding away, she takes that time to discover just who she wants to be. Not only does she need to move past her own hurdles and fears, but so does Ezra and the rest of this new town.

Maybe a little love, a little magic, and a little patience, could bring the best gift she could ever ask for—a sense of peace and her husband’s heart.

* * * A sweet and clean romance Mail-Order Bride series that can be read together or individually with a Happily Ever After that is legendary…


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