Legends of Araroth, #1: A Collection of Short Stories


 Fantasy / 149 views


The Legends of Araroth anthology is a collection of short stories that all take place within the same fantasy realm. Each story tells a tale about something that adds to the unique fantasy world, and builds upon itself as the reader progresses through the book. Tales of magical creatures, fantastic mystery, and unknown terrors draft the pages of this professionally edited and carefully revised anthology. There are also custom drawn chapter heading and paragraph breaks to add some element of visual stimulation, and to encourage the reader to imagine. Each story is written with the heart to bring the glory of storytelling back to God, and several stories are devoted entirely, woven with metaphors of the divine throughout, to do just that.

On a side note, within the first week of publication on Amazon, Augustus received the #1 Bestseller award for Christian Fantasy for his book: The Legends of Araroth, with numerous #1 New Seller titles in multiple categories as well.

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