By Valerie Howard

Last Wish

 Contemporary / 527 views / Popular

Miranda is too busy for cancer.

But medical tests don’t lie.

A deadly tumor is taking over her 18-year-old brain, threatening to shatter her hard-earned dreams of an Ivy League education to dust.

Schoolwork competes with plans for treatment, and Miranda’s stress heightens when her parents schedule the local pastor’s kid to come over and pray for her healing every morning before school.

When Miranda’s health takes a turn for the worse, she looks into religious matters.

Including life after death.

Just in case.

But placing her trust in an invisible God is harder than it seems, especially when her worst fears are realized.

Austin is a slacker.

He barely graduated high school last year, and he’s sure his worthless life will go nowhere.

When his dad gets the bright idea to volunteer Austin to pray for a girl who has a brain tumor every morning, he’s furious. Unable to get out of the assignment, Austin puts as little time and energy into his dad’s request as possible.

But when Miranda’s health worsens, he knows he’s to blame for his lack of faith. He promises to step up and help Miranda on her quest to find the answers to her pressing religious questions.

As her life hangs in the balance, Austin has to decide once and for all how he’s going to make his mark on the world.

Fans of Karen Kingsbury will enjoy the realistic characters and faith-driven novels by Valerie Howard.


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