Knockout Girl, #5: Outside Edge


 Christmas / 156 views


Forgiveness is only a step away.

After his breakup with Elli, Adrian takes a downwards turn and trying to drown his sorrows with alcohol doesn’t help him. In fact, all it gives him is two DUIs, which in turn rids him of his scholarship and his spot on his hockey team.

When he gets sent to live with his Pops way up north in Christmastown, he takes his resentment to the next level. Nothing could ever make him want to change. Until he meets Brooke and the kids she’s training.

Once on track for a top competitive figure skating position, Brooke has lost her way. Now she’s being forced to help a bunch of kids put on a Christmas pageant. And even worse—she has to teach an errant hockey player how to ice dance.

Finding common ground between them isn’t nearly as difficult as a triple axel. But can the rink also help them to repair the damage of their past mistakes? Will Adrian and Brooke learn to find strength in each other’s arms?

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