Knockout Girl, #2: Standup Guy


 Contemporary / 172 views


“Facing your fears” has a nice ring to it.

Best friends Elli and Julian are back and this time, they’ll be fighting in a huge boxing tournament with an even bigger prize. Julian struggles with his new identity as both an academic and an athlete while Elli fights for equality…and true love.

Things get rough for Julian with his focus split between school, boxing, and Cherry. When a poor decision causes him to almost ruin his friendship with Elli, he must decide: is his dream worth the risk?

Elli’s boxing team struggles for the attention they deserve from the school, so she steps up and puts everything she has into saving her team. Can she depend on Adrian for his support when he seems too preoccupied with partying, looking good, and playing hockey?

With Elli and Julian each fighting for what is true and good there’s a lot more at stake than just a championship.

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