Kids Love to Stitch -- Book 2: Hanukkah Projects


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Welcome to the designer’s second book in her sewing skill series for children! This book includes 3 patterns for Hanukkah sewing projects plus a bonus project readers can use to help a younger child make a Dreidel Table Pouch using glue instead of a needle and thread.

This ‘Kids Love to Stitch’ sewing book was written for children ages 7 to 12. In the book, readers will learn how to:

— Make a sewing kit;
— Reuse materials found around the house to make a project;
— Work with acrylic craft felt;
— Make patterns;
— Cut out project pieces using patterns;
— Sew a Running Stitch and sew on a button; and
— Stay safe while sewing.

To make these patterns user-friendly for children around the world, all patterns include the measurements in Imperial and Metric. The instructions for these three Hanukkah Projects include detailed cutting and sewing instructions with stepped-out photos to aid readers as they learn to sew. There is a Glossary of sewing terms used in the book.

Projects 1 and 2 are gift card holders in the shapes of a Dreidel and a Star of David, respectively. They are decorated with felt appliques for Project 1 and a pocket for Project 2.

Project 3, a ‘Dreidel Table Pouch’, is a festive felt pouch/pocket decorated with buttons in the shape of a candle. Perfect for holding party favors, treats, goodies, or tableware (napkin, fork, spoon, and knife) for a party or Hanukkah celebration.

** A bonus project which uses glue instead of a needle and thread is a felt Dreidel Table Pouch with a felt candle and flame instead of the buttons used in Project 3 above.

The book includes a link to download and print the patterns included in the book.

Over one hundred and twenty-five of June McCrary Jacobs’s original sewing, quilting, and stitchery designs have been published in books, magazines, and on sewing industry blogs in the United States and the United Kingdom in the past decade-plus. This is June’s second pattern book for children and her ninth pattern book available in the Kindle Store.

*Please note: This pattern is intended for and may be used for home use only. Purchase of this pattern book does not give the user permission to make this design for sale and/or profit.



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