By Cheryl Wright


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Ivy Henderson moves to the small Montana town of Dewberry after the sudden death of her beloved aunt. She takes over the running of the Buttons and Bows store, her aunt’s pride and joy.

In her time of grief, all Ivy wants is to keep running the store the way her aunt would expect of her. Little did she know she would be required to participate in the upcoming annual Christmas Extravaganza, where she would have close contact with popular local solicitor, Jeremy Hycroft.

He is the most sought after bachelor in town, but until now, no one has caught his eye. What starts out as friendship with Ivy doesn’t quickly turn to much more, and Jeremy can’t figure out why. After all, women usually flock to go out with him, don’t they?


Emily Stanton is a spinster with no interest in being courted. She has owned and managed her family’s boarding house since her parents died, which

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