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By Rebecca Fittery

Istoire Awakens #1: Belle & Beast

 Fantasy / 3692 views / Popular

A war hero. A prince with a secret. A distressed damsel intent on beating the odds. These aren’t the fairytale characters you’re used to.

BELLE: My family lost everything at the start of the Beast War. I’ve been waiting on my hero fiancé to come home so I can gain back what’s mine. Just as the war is ending, a mysterious Prince threatens ruin for me, my family, and our whole town too. All my plans have been destroyed, but I just stumbled upon a way to bargain with this monster…

ANDRUS: I’ve dealt with the threat Lord Montanarte presented neatly. Now his daughter is here, complicating things with a deal I can’t refuse. What began as a problem may be the solution to everything I want—but the way her eyes haunt my dreams will be my undoing.

EDDIE: It’s been a bitter struggle to drive the Beasts from our northern border. Victory secured, I’m heading home to my fiancé. But home doesn’t feel like the same place I left five years ago, and the person I thought I knew best is turning out to be a stranger. Have I survived a war only to lose everything?

Belle & Beast is a clean, fantasy-romance retelling of the French fairytale, Beauty & the Beast. It is the first book in the Istoire Awakens series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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