By Emily Dana Botrous

Hometown Holiday Heartstrings, Book 1: The Trouble with Tulips

 Romance / 256 views / Popular

He’s her brother’s grumpy best friend. She’s the one he’s never noticed…until one request changes everything.

Kim Williams needs a new start with a fresh horizon. She also needs a green thumb to help make her mom’s entry into the local yard garden competition a reality. Too bad the only landscaper in her small town is her brother’s prickly best friend—the one who has no idea she’s liked him for twelve long years.

The only thing Jake Dunn can keep alive is a plant. Besides his friend Dusty, he has no use for anyone, including God. He just wants to be left alone. When Dusty’s sister asks him for help, he turns her down flat—until he sees he needs her marketing expertise. Tulips for business tips. Fair trade, right?

Wrong. Jake can give Kim a garden. But she wants more. When Jake realizes he wants to give Kim his all, too, he’s not sure how to contend with the wall he’s cultivated around his heart from losses of the past. If keeping people out isn’t the only way to keep them safe…what is?

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