By Kathleen E Friesen

Hearts Unfolding

 Contemporary / 180 views / Popular


Kennedy Rockwell enjoys pouring concrete for her family’s business, Rockwell Concrete Works, but dreams of branching out into her own landscape design venture. Strong and independent, she has the drive to achieve her goals. Romance can wait…until Austin Warner turns her emotions inside out.

Austin Warner works hard to fulfill his dreams, too, but the one closest to his heart is something he’s never really had: a family of his own. Kennedy Rockwell seems to be the answer to his prayers until a small complication brings huge consequences.

Challenges to their relationship and hurts from their pasts push Kennedy and Austin toward the only One who can give them the desires of their hearts.

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“Hope,” I thought. “What a small word for such a big thing.” The broken world groans. Oh, for a beacon of light! Where is something

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