By Jodie Seibert

Hearts Made of Thorns

 Historical Fiction / 230 views / Popular

He wanted to seduce her. She wanted to save him.

Roisin would always remember the day she met the young lord, long before he became known as the dreaded “Prince of Thorns.” But Lord Gerard Falcon is no longer the man she once knew. Now, his heart is driven by more carnal desires.

Though she cares for him, she will be no man’s – or lord’s – mistress.

Lord Gerard is used to getting what he wants, but the beautiful Roisin resists him. As he gets to know her, she stirs a heart he thought long dead. But when the buried secrets of his past are at last unearthed, more than his heart may be in danger. And the wounds from the arrows of love will be the least of his problems.

Hearts made of Thorns is a Christian medieval historical romance novella inspired by Beauty and the Beast. This short and sweet story of approximately 31,000 words is suitable for older teens and up.

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