By H. Halverstadt

Gemini's Key

 Science Fiction / 302 views / Popular


Truth has a price.
Reid Taskiran has spent ten years overcoming obstacles on a quest to clear his dead father’s name. The Taskiran family was admired until charges of treason against his father echoed across the galaxy—and caught Reid in their net. Though legally cleared, the court of popular opinion still labels him a traitor. He’s traveled to a newly terraformed planet, hoping to win a Wormhole Guild internship that will provide access to an exclusive Guild asteroid.
And the keys to family secrets.
When a cyborg claiming to be a family friend makes him an offer he can’t refuse, Reid discovers his only chance to uncover the truth risks his entire future. But as the investigation leads Reid down a twisted labyrinth of intrigue, conspiracy, and danger, he encounters a destiny he never saw coming—one that will challenge everything he believes.
Pursued by a deadly foe, Reid races to find out what happened.
If he can’t, the next body might be his.

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