Freja: Ennobled


 Historical Fiction / 215 views

Her mind is as sharp as her arrows. Is it enough to win the heart of a jarl?

When Halvar takes his younger sister Freja to the festival of the Disting, he expects her to be on her best behavior. After all, she’s supposed to be finding a husband.

But Freja cannot help herself. Wild and free-spirited, she is a skilled archer and a keen competitor who ignores the rules for women in her society. She finds a way to join the men-only archery competition and her talent catches the eye of a jarl, who decides he must meet her.

Freja’s mind is as sharp as her aim and she eagerly engages in the discussions surrounding the politics of the land. The jarl has never met a woman like Freja and he cannot stop thinking about her.

But with trouble looming in the form of a new king, the jarl must do his best to keep his people safe, and he is forced to attend to political matters. When the crisis passes, the jarl’s thoughts turn to Freja. Is the difference in their social status too great? Can they be together? Or must the jarl bow to the will of the people and take a wife who will offer a political advantage?

This sweet and clean novella is set in the days of Norway’s King Haakon the Good, a time when the Vikings left their homelands to raid and plunder; when Christianity was making tentative approaches, and kings fought for the right to rule.

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