First Edition Murder: An Animal Lovers Cozy Mystery (A Sandie James Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)


 Mystery / 233 views


Something borrowed. Something blue. Someone’s dead?

For Sandie James, catering is a way to pay the bills while her literature degree collects dust. This last-minute wedding engagement is a pain, but nothing she can’t handle. Until her dad crashes the reception.

An obsessive book collector, Dad picks a fight with a guest over a rare edition of a Raymond Chandler mystery. Sandie’s horrified when that guest later turns up dead—and her dad is standing over the body holding the murder weapon.

Convinced her dad’s been set up, Sandie must rely on her wits, and the enthusiastic help of Marlowe, the family’s Springer Spaniel, to save him from prison.

As fear and blame spread through their quiet neighborhood, Sandie races to clear her dad’s name and find the real killer… before the killer finds her.

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