By Michelle Wright

Finding Grace #3: Christmas Canvas

 Romance / 160 views / Popular


Gaining a position at a prestigious art gallery, Emma Taylor hopes it will further her career as an artist. Meanwhile, she’s living a comfortable life in the luxury of her sister’s home. And having made best friends with her adoptive niece, Emma considers herself perfectly happy.

After spending a year on a missions trip in South America, Trey Harding finds it difficult to leave, but harder to stay away from home any longer. He hasn’t spoken to Emma in six months. He longs to make amends for the years of questioning and long silences. But how can he make up for lost time when he can’t explain the difference he feels on the inside?

When Trey shows up at her door, Emma’s picture perfect world turns upside down. Not only that, but her art life isn’t what she expected. She’s challenged by Trey and his ambitious faith. She’s striving to reach her own goals. And Christmas is coming. Will this season of hope help them embrace life’s most important moments?

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