By A.C. Williams

The Misadventures of Trisha Lee, #1: Finding Fireflies

 Romance / 321 views / Popular


I’m Trisha Leigh Lee. I’m 32 years old, accident-prone, a church secretary, and still single.

But I’ll always have my memories of Aaron, the guy of my dreams, as we chased fireflies at twilight. Compared to him, the options at the Highpointe Baptist Church’s singles group just add insult to injury.

Then a misunderstanding lands me in jail (I promise, I took care of the ticket). That’s where I meet Jordin, a young prostitute with major problems. Somehow, I’ve gotta help her. Of course, that’s the perfect time for Aaron to reappear in my life. Then Jordin gets herself kidnapped by an underground prostitution ring.

This story isn’t for the faint-hearted. I face off with jilted women desperate for a second MRS degree, survive bad catfish, captain pontoon boats, and fight old people for their motor scooters.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Buy now and enjoy a madcap, rock-the-church journey + mystery that pulls no punches (and features a sweet side of romance). Perfect for fans of Stephanie Plum looking for a cleaner read with plenty of sass.

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