By Chelsea Burden

Fellowship of Light 1 - By This Shall They Know

 Contemporary / 74 views


When the Hall and Matthews families take on the challenge of the Desperate Experiment, they know that change is inevitable. Just what that change will be remains a mystery. Caught between their desires and their fears, they decide to take the plunge. Surely Maple Creek will answer their deepest longings and bring them fulfillment, belonging, and hope.
Yet after eight months in their new home, questions still abound. What is it that makes Maple Creek different? How can they make sure the Desperate Experiment succeeds—and what does success even look like? Is it even possible to truly belong?
And what does brotherly love have to do with changing the world?
By This Shall They Know is Book 1 in the Fellowship of Light series. It is important to read Book 0.5, A Desperate Experiment, before beginning By This Shall They Know.

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