By Chelsea Burden

Fellowship of Light 0.5 - A Desperate Experiment

 Contemporary / 207 views / Popular


A tiny church struggling to keep its doors open, a pair of girls only wanting to belong, two determined enthusiasts on a mission to change the world, and a young cynic who doesn’t believe it can be changed—what future lies ahead for them all?
The past is full of change and disappointment for the five teenage members of the Matthews and Hall families—the present seems to mock them with its inability to offer what they long for most. Is there any way to move beyond their past and their present and chart a future that will bring all they desire?
Will they find the answers to life’s haunting questions? Is there one solution which can prove the key to all their struggles?
And how will Mr. Meadows’s Desperate Experiment affect their hopes and dreams?

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He knew there was a cost. He just didn’t know how great it’d be. Gabriel Kelly returned to Russia for one reason—to bury his parents.

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