By Jes Drew

Echoes of Summer

 Science Fiction / 146 views / Popular


She knows better than to trust anyone.
He wants his best friend back.
Together they will probably save the world. Most likely.Violet is only just now acclimating team when she’s assigned her first solo mission. Which is good, because she and Alex need some distance.She has no time for her newly re-instated best friend’s worries about the possibility that she may or may not have been attacked by Dr. Earnestine and injected with something that could possibly alter her DNA. Violet is ready for some time away to focus on a mission and not on her own confusing feelings. But her mission unearths a different set of feelings.

Assigned to protect a recently orphaned young heiress, Violet must ensure that nothing happens that will send the money to the next in line— namely, the nefarious Mr. Columbus. Who has sent his son to “pay his respects”— and woo the girl whose stipulation to inheritance is marriage. But the presence of Jeremy makes things a bit more complicated for Violet, since she’s supposed to be in deep cover, and they’ve locked lips more than once. Also making it a bit awkward is the possibility that another Peacemaker may also be undercover as a potential suitor on a different mission. Oh, and there’s also a wannabe killer on the loose who could be anyone.

But it’s nothing that Violet can’t handle. That is, if she can figure out exactly what it is Dr. Earnestine did to her, and why he’s always in her head . . .

A YA action-adventure rom-com perfect for fans of C.J. Hill and Ally Carter about spy training and summer romance.

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