By Grace Bridges

Earthcore Book 1: RotoVegas

 Fantasy / 198 views / Popular


Superpowers from hot springs — who knew!

In a tourist hotspot in New Zealand, geysers have secrets, and so do the locals. Can one girl stop a superpowered conman?

Anira doesn’t want to go along on the family trip to Rotorua, city of geysers. Not while she’s fighting off a latent phobia of volcanoes.

But this place has ancient secrets beyond anything she could imagine. Untamed thermal forces hold a hidden power that transforms Anira. Her task: stop a foreign developer who wants to concrete over the natural springs as he misuses the very same powers to take control.

Using abilities she has never known, soon Anira finds there are others like her — but they want her to back off. Can she convince them to work together and save the city?

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