By Nadine C. Keels

Debbie Duo

 Contemporary / 225 views / Popular

A Duo of Short Stories!

Dream Debbie
Oh, to be a woman who has it all . . .

Debbie? She’s an imaginative author in a budding relationship (Ahh. Stuart.) and a frustrating phase of writer’s block. Debbie’s got an evening out to look forward to, but as she prepares for it, she can’t help reflecting on the “dream woman” she . . . is not. How much does it matter?

Tea & Cream Debbie
There can be a right way to apply a cliché.

Debbie? She’s always been a dreamer. And some of the bright dreams of her past come back to her mind in the presence of the special man in her life. (Ahh. Stuart.) But at this point, is the remembrance of those dreams a good thing or not?

Bonus! This duo of stories includes an excerpt from Kiss and ’Telle?, a lighthearted contemporary romance.

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