Cole for Christmas


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A Christmas detour with an almost stranger could be the best present of Lexie’s life.  

It’s finally winter vacation for first year teacher Lexie Knox, and she can’t wait for the festivities to begin—heck she started listening to holiday music in October. However, the minute she steps foot out of school all her carefully laid vacation plans fall apart—starting with her flight. Her seat mate is an un-festive businessman who does not appreciate her holiday cookies or musical tutu.

But not even a handsome Bah Humbug is going to dampen Lexie’s Holiyay all the way spirit.

Frosty-the-businessman is traveling to Aspen days before Christmas to seal a crucial deal. It’s not like he has any family to spend the holidays with—none that he wants to see that is. But being distracted by an overly festive teacher, no matter how cute, is not on the agenda.

Snowmageddon has other plans.

If these two are going to going to make it to Aspen by Christmas Eve they’ll have to rely on each other. Maybe Lexie can even manage to melt his frigid heart during their odyssey through the Rocky Mountains.

If you love a romance that takes you by surprise and leaves you laughing, then you’ll love Cole for Christmas. With all the swoon worthy feels of a sweet romance, this book will keep you as excited as a kid waiting for Santa.

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