By Michael J. Findley

The Space Empire Universe: City on a Hill

 Science Fiction / 135 views / Popular


One day Christians might be forced right out of this world for their beliefs.

Persecuted believers like John Winthrop and his family need a miracle. Government taxation forces Christians out of their churches, homes, and lives. Refuge in a wilderness settlement is fleeting after their assets are seized and winter and continuing media attacks on their “radical” beliefs threaten their very survival.

Jon Newton just wants to do his job, but the company running the Lunar Mining Colony (LMC) faces financial ruin when miners sabotage the facility to demand higher wages. Desperate company executives offer these desperate believers a “City on A Hill” out of this world.

Newton is one of a skeleton crew remaining on the moon to train newly-arrived recruits obsessed with religion. LMC put competitors out of business and created dependency on their products. The damaged lunar facility has to be restored to stop worldwide shortages. John Winthrop and Jon Newton race against time to meet critical deadlines until more disasters threaten everything they have rebuilt.

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