Chasing Another Chance


 Romance / 154 views


Is it possible to have a picture perfect vacation…with your ex?

Struggling photographer Laura Whaley is thrilled to shoot a week-long family reunion on the beach. But getting to stay in a beach house for free isn’t as exciting when she learns it’s her ex-boyfriend’s family. Focusing on her work is nearly impossible when it comes to taking snapshots of the man who once captured her heart.

Scott Hodgkins is shocked to see Laura again, but his mother is livid. Things didn’t exactly go well the last time they were all together. Trying to convince his mother that Laura is only the photographer and nothing more, only goes so far, because he’s not sure that’s how he feels. His mother is holding the keys to his dream of starting his own business, but what if Laura still holds the key to his heart?

One week on the beach can change everything, but only if they let it.

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